Sideboard Styling Ideas You Might Consider

When looking for furniture for your interior design, a sideboard is one of the pieces that will create a unique look. To achieve the best from a sideboard, several styling ideas need to be considered. These ideas depend on the size and shape of the sideboard as well as personal tastes and preferences. Here are some ideas that you might consider before purchasing a sideboard for your interior design.

Styling based on the interior design

The appearance of your house with the sideboard is the main factor you need to consider. The sideboard should match the interior design theme as well as the intended function. Here are some styling ideas based on the interior design of your house.

  • Match the wall and floor colours. Before purchasing a new sideboard, you should consider the floor and wall colours. The shade on the sideboard should make it visible but not too conspicuous. If the walls and floor have an artistic pattern, the sideboard should be styled to give moderate symmetry.
  • Incorporate natural plants. When styling a sideboard, incorporating natural plants and flowers makes it stand out. Having fresh plants makes the interior of your house well aerated and provides a natural outdoor feel.
  • Place the sideboard at the right place. Lighting is an important aspect of interior design. Therefore, you should place the sideboard in a well-lit place for visibility of items placed on it, especially if you want it to act as a centrepiece.

Styling based on the design of the sideboard

The placing, styling, and use of the sideboard is governed by its design. Here are some styling ideas that you might consider when styling your sideboard.

  • Maintain symmetry. Moderate symmetry makes the sideboard stand out. You need to maintain sleek lines between the sideboard and walls. If the sideboard has a pull-to-open door, you can use strong but colourful door handles. Sideboards with sliding doors can be painted to reveal a pattern when closed or slid open.
  • Maintain adequate space between items on the sideboard. A cluttered sideboard top gives a bad impression of the interior design. If you intend to display ornaments or any other form of art, the spacing between them should be adequate for easy visibility.

There are many other styling ideas that you can employ when using a sideboard. Interacting with interior design experts and friends who have sideboards will give you more ideas.

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